Founder Chief Apostle Julia Williams


Chief Apostle Julia Williams had more than 37 years in ministry. In 1969, she pastored her first church in Warrington, NC.  In 1972, while evangelizing on the Eastern Shore, she began a mission with only 25 initial members and 15 under watch-care.  In 1976, she established Holy Temple Holiness Church of Deliverance in Baltimore, MD., and it was incorporated in 1978.  She was the Founder, Pastor and General Overseer, and was ordained by Bishop Cole of Greater Faith Tabernacle, in Baltimore.  From 1976 to 1981, she established three more churches with charters, in Alberta and Livingston, VA., and Dover, DE.  In 2004, an additional church was added to the organization in West Palm Beach, FL.


Chief Apostle received her educational training at the Warrenton City Nurses Training School in Warrington, NC.  She continued her education at the U.S. public Hospital Medical Academy in Baltimore, MD.  She was certified in substance abuse prevention, and used her knowledge to found a spiritual intervention/prevention process called the “Spiritual Approach to Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse”. She presented (as a guest) at many conferences and lectured at many of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the country.  She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from  Howard  University in Washington, D.C.


For years, Chief Apostle had her own bi-weekly television broadcast on Comcast cable television, on channel 2 in Baltimore and on channel 77 in Harford County. She was honored twice on WJZ-TV channel 13.  She broadcasted and recorded her first live recording with the Holy Temple Church in 1984. She was heard on the radio   throughout Delaware, Maryland and Virginia every Saturday morning.She wrote four books and five songs. She also initiated a prison ministry, as well as established the Julia Williams Learning Center. Chief Apostle was the founder and director of the Holistic Health and Healing Center where she worked hand in hand with Dr. Sukk Haun.


She received numerous letters of recognition from President George Bush and from many other federal and local officials.  In recognition of her accomplishments, she  received yearly proclamations from the State of Maryland.  The first Sunday in May was designated, but not limited to “Pastor Julia Williams Day” in the city of  Baltimore, and not long after,  the state of Maryland. The month of December was also officially designated as “Holy Temple Month” in the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland .


Chief Apostle Julia Williams loved people and had a heart that was always giving.  She was always willing to help feed, cloth, or pray for anyone regardless of the time or the place.  On February 20, 2005, God saw fit to take her to be absent from this body to  be present with Him.  She left with us many powerful words of wisdom, and her legacy of “I Told You The Truth”.  She left as her successors Apostle James Tilghman and Senior  Pastor Tilghman who continues the magnificent works that have been established.